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How Much Sod Do I Need?​​

      We offer Free Estimates and help in calculating exactly how much sod you will need, so give us a call  for a accurate estimate.  Sod comes in 400, 450, and 500 square feet quantities per pallet and a pallet could weigh up to 3,000 pound.

     This depends on the coverage area.  We generally prep, deliver and install in one day. For a more accurate time frame, give us a call!  


No job is too small or too large!

How long does a typical

sod installation take?

   Yes - with proper land prepping and maintenance your selected installation will have you seeing green year-round!

Can my sod be installed year round, even in the Winter?

    This will vary depending on area to be covered and whether it’s commercial or a residential property.  To see if we could possibly save you from unnecessary prep work, give us a call first before you prep!

How can I prepare my yard for a sod installation?

How long should I water my

new sod installation?

    Too-frequent watering leads to weeds and diseases. Keeping the surface too wet encourages weed seeds to sprout and fungus diseases to flourish. Stretching the time between waterings results in a deep root that can go much longer between waterings.

When does my lawn need water the most?

       The most critical time for good watering practices is during the warmer months - this season typically starts in May and continues through October; Warmer temperatures during this time of the year will stress your lawn.                     Remember that a schedule of deep and infrequent early morning water is best!